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Quality, adherence to deadlines and flexibility

are the priorities of our production department.

The products are manufactured here cost-effectively according to our high quality standards ranging from individual items up to large batches.


Material procurement

Material procurement

We procure our standard purchase-parts (electronic and mechanical), as well as our customer-specific purchase-parts by ourselves. Due to our extensive experience with renowned manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from Europe, USA and Asia supplier bottlenecks can rapidly be overcome.

The storage and treatment of components is accomplished taking the special requirements of sensitive components into consideration (IPC/JEDEC).

SMD Module production

SMD module production

Our SMD area is equipped with a SMD stencil printer (Serio 4000/EKRA), two SMD pick+place machines (COBRA-8C and FLX2010V/Essemtec) and an infrared-reflow oven (RO300FC/Essemtec). For special soldering requirements we have a vapour phase soldering unit VP 1000-44 from the company Asscon.



THT Module production

THT Module production

The conventional assembly of printed circuit boards is carried out by our trained and dedicated production staff. Soldering is undertaken on our wave soldering unit ERSA N-Wave 330.

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Varnishing and potting

Corresponding to the design of your electronic module, we can varnish the module to protect it from humidity in spraying or immersion processes selectively or varnish it completely. We will also gladly carry out the potting of your module. We build the necessary tools in our own mechanical production area.


We will happily take over the assembly of your module or complete device.







Mechanical processing

To a limited extent mechanical processing in batch production is possible in our own mechanical production area. We employ our selected mechanical partners for mechanical processing on a larger scale.

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