We have something against cold feet!

PowerMaster-Shoe Heating System

The most effective way to keep your feet warm in your shoes all the time is provided by the perfectly designed, ultimate PowerMaster-Shoes Heating System with its innovative ideas so that you will never ever suffer from cold feet again.



For a PowerMaster set you will need:

  • 1 Powermaster Controller [1]
  • 1 battery pack [2]
  • 1 pair of cables [3]
  • 1 battery charger [4]
  • 1 pair of soles [5]
Powermaster-Controller [1]

Order No.: PM 7

  • Top quality microprocessor control
  • Individual infinitely adjustable heating performance
  • Continuous battery monitoring
  • Deep discharge protection
  • LED indicator of operating status
  • Early warning in case of low battery charging status
  • Booster function for extremely rapid heating up
  • Sturdy compact belt clip designer housing



  • Height: 148 mm
  • Width: 88 mm
  • Depth: 44 mm
  • Weight: ca. 600g


80,00 Euro pro piece (including 19% VAT.)



View with battery concealed

Battery pack NiMH [2]

Order No.: PMA 3800

  • Extremely high performance rechargeable battery 12 V / 3800mAh (equivalent to a performance of ca. 80 Mignon battery cells)
  • Batteries can be easily changed
  • Heating timer 4 to 23 hours (according to the setting of heating performance on the controller)
  • Environmentally friendly as batteries can be recharged


160,00 Euro pro piece (including 19% VAT.)



Cable straight / spiralled [3]

Cable straight (1 pair) / Order No.:  PMK 120

  • Cable 120 cm long
  • sophisticated plug and cable design
  • to be worn in the trousers invisible from the outside


25,00 Euro pro pair (including 19% VAT.)



Cable spiralled (1 pair) / Order No.: PMK 90S

  • Cable stretchable from 40 to 120 cm
  • Sophisticated plug- and cable design
  • to be worn outside the trousers


35,00 Euro pro pair (including 19% VAT.)



Battery charger 800 mA [4]

Order No.:  PML 800

  • Charging time for PMA 3800 ca. 5 hours.
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Battery temperature-monitoring
  • Timer shut-off
  • Trickle charging
  • Europlug housing


60,00 Euro pro  piece (including 19% VAT.)



Soles [5]

Order No.: PMS 36-40 (Size 36 – 40)
These soles can also be used for shoe sizes of up to 46 as they can be cut to fit by the user by hand..

  • Entire surface heating
  • Overdimensional heating performance for outdoor use
  • 40 % of the maximum heating performance is adequate for normal use
  • Breathable materials, comfortable to wear
  • Can be cut to individual requirements
  • Ergonomic cable routing
  • Fits into every shoe, sole thickness ca. 3mm
  • cable ca. 50 cm long
  • Patent application filed


50,00 Euro pro pair (including 19% VAT.)



Shipping costs
plus postage and packaging costs: 6.00 Euro
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